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Coming in July: Observational Drawing

On July 9th we will begin an eight week foundational drawing class. Foundations! How many ways can you sharpen a pencil? And why does it matter? And how many kinds of pencils are there? Which ones do what? And why is the medium called graphite? The answer, like ‘Who is buried in Grant’s Tomb?, is because most pencils we call lead pencils are made of graphite. But not all. Stay tuned.

If you aren’t taking the class with me (and it is filled) you can follow along on this weekly Blog. For the first class you will need:

A set of 12 Derwent Graphic Drawing Pencils (6B to 4H)

One Canson 11 X 17 inch XL Bristol Pad (Green cover, 96 lb, 25 Sheets)

One small 15 sheet Bristol pad 9″ X 12″

A Canson XL 9″ X 12″ BLUE sketch pad 98 LB, 60 Sheets.

The above supplies are not optional and will allow for the greatest success.

These materials are being held at Art Supplies Wholesale in North Beverly for my students.

You will also need:

a kneaded rubber eraser,

a white plastic eraser,

a Drawing Board to accommodate an 11″ X 17″ piece of paper, and

a Geometry set (a ruler, a protractor, and two triangles) also available from Art Supplies Wholesale if you don’t already have them.


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