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Observational Drawing Using Graphite: First Session

The first assignment is to sharpen a Dixon Ticonderoga pencil in the electric pencil sharpener, then clean it off with a tissue. A demonstration of sharpening the pencil with a knife, and fine honing it with an emory board – or in our case a pedicure implement – showed two ways to prepare the graphite pencil for sketching. Then off to the drawing table for the first drawing. We learn by doing and everyone was eager to start learning!

Then we strengthened our lines and practiced making marks. After a rigorous orientation we had a break for blueberry scones and iced tea, then outside to the garden for a drawing session.

Following our models of the prolific Bloomsbury Group we will have ample subject matter in the garden and studio for our drawings.

 The first week’s homework is six analog drawings from a list of positive emotions, playing with the twelve Derwent pencils.

An old bicycle is a willing but difficult subject.





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